The pressures of life and how to love the one you are

Let me start by showing you this fantastic picture I took of our cookie exchange at my MOPs group!  The cookies were really pretty this year and I even made my biscotti although I did change the recipe (I will give it out in a future post!)  I was so proud of my Photoshop skills… I needed another place to show it off.  AND after reading below you will see that even when I sometimes feel that I am drowning in to-dos I ask for guidance and it gets me through!


So, it has been a while since I posted last.  I’m not going to let myself off the hook.  Instead I am going to tell you why.  It’s because life is happening.  This month aside from being a month of holiday cheer, has been full of other things that have roped me in, tied me down and challenged me. I’m OK with that…

To start with we have a baby.  Yes, it looks so simple, so neat and nice.  But it is HARD work.  Even my guy with his sweet smile and laugh, his gentle demeanor. . . He still needs diapers changed, clothes changed, holding, playing and, oh yeah some new stuff now… soothing because of teething, trying new foods, spotting while sitting up, a little sleep training (I HATE) and even a little extra monitoring with a curious and somewhat overly helpful (maybe jealous) big brother around.

My husband went out of of town on business on the 10th and returned on the 20th… 10 days.  Did I tell you I am not a pre-shopper??  Yeah, about those gifts and cards that were supposed to be shipped.  Didn’t happen….(still :-0).

When he first left I felt sad and over my head.  I have not been alone with my two little guys since the second one was born.  I was afraid.  I guess if I’m being honest I wondered if I could even do it.

But I did.  I made it.

Sometimes it is the challenge and the trials that make us stronger, wiser and more able.  I feel guilty about feeling so desperate because as soon as I do I remember how blessed I am.

Simple. Basic. Needs.

are met here




every second.

Of course dwelling on guilt won’t get me anywhere either.  So how do you love the one you are?  I remember to pray for thanksgiving and keep on trudging through.  It always works.  It always makes me feel better.  Each and every time I ask for guidance it is given.

12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.  

Romans 12:12(NIV)

I know it’s not just me.  I’m sure you’ve been given the nudge you need.  I’d love it if you would tell me about it.  Sometimes the knowledge that we are all going through life with bumps and bruises makes everyone heal just a little faster.


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